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Kurt Burroughs - World Cross Country Championship Racer

Integrated MEP are please to announce that they will be sponsoring Kurt Burroughs, World Cross Country Championship Racer in 2020.

Kurt has been racing desert rally for a number of years as a privateer, competing in Argentina, Abu Dhabi, Mexico, Bolivia, Qatar, Paraguay and Morocco in the World Cross Country Championship. He has also competed in Dakar.

Kurt’s plan for 2020 is to race at least two rounds of the World Cross Country Championship, first one being Abu Dhabi in March. He’ll be racing his own factory 2019 KTM 450 Rally bike. The first planned race is the first round of FIM Cross Country World Championship - Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, link to this years below.

In 2016 Kurt obtained a top ten finish in Qatar and finished 23rd in World Championship overall and as second British rider. He only raced one round in Abu Dhabi in 2019 within a team and won the Team Award, beating the Factory KTM Team. A pretty impressive result!

Kurt tells us a little bit about himself;

“I first got into racing desert rallies in 2013 after years of racing in the UK just for fun at local events. Coming from an outdoor adventure background with climbing, snowboarding etc. desert racing seemed like the perfect balance of skill and endurance.

I’d ridden bikes for most of my life, although not really racing so much, and after watching early footage of Dakar it just seemed to me to be the ultimate challenge of endurance on bikes! Plus a real adventure navigating across deserts!

Being a privateer it’s always a challenge to fund these races due to the logistics and the level of commitment that they require, training for racing in as high as 55C racing isn’t easy!”

Kurt now lives in Spain with his family where he can ride his bikes more often. He also does a little off road training for those who want to give it a try.

We wish Kurt the best of luck!

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