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Reactive, Planned and Compliance Maintenance Services. Integrated MEP are here to assist and support you with all your property maintenance requirements. Our range of services include reactive, planned and compliance.

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With building maintenance, problems can occur out of the blue, and Integrated MEP are on hand 24/7 to assist. We also can schedule and deliver your annual planned and compliance property maintenance.

All of our maintenance services have competitive, transparent fees and our help desk is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Your maintenance experienced advisor has direct access to skilled, multi-trade specialists throughout the United Kingdom.


At Integrated MEP, you can be assured of our high standards,
as after each project, we complete a customer satisfaction survey and monitor service quality, workmanship with in-depth site
visits and inspections.

We believe that the most efficient way to maintain your buildings is through a programme of planned property maintenance. At Integrated MEP we design our planned maintenance services to avoid problems before they can grow
into something more serious.


This saves you unnecessary costs by reducing the number of reactive call outs that are made. We also offer a full range of compliance services including electrical, gas and fire services, ensuring that all legal aspects are covered.

All of our planned and compliance property maintenance is designed and scheduled by Integrated MEP to meet the individual needs of your business.


Reactive Maintenance Services:

Our reactive maintenance programme is in place to protect you from any unexpected faults or breakdowns. Integrated MEP respond quickly to ensure minimum disruption to your business.

Planned Maintenance Services:

Integrated MEP can provide you a full range of bespoke maintenance programmes including roofing & guttering, air conditioning, roller shutter and pest control as part of your planned maintenance programme.

Compliance Maintenance Services

Trying to keep ahead of the amount of health and safety legislation your company must adhere to can be a time consuming and difficult task. Understand the intricacies of each law and then ensuring that your company remains compliant, can soon become a headache you could do without.

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