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Changes to the Building Regulations, which encompass heating systems and mechanical ventilation, have a significant impact on new building design and construction work on existing buildings.

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Heating systems must comply with the new requirements as well as Part F (adequate ventilation for health) and Part J (air for combustion appliance).

Part L (& J) amendments require that:

  • Where heating boilers need replacing, a new boiler must be fitted as if for a new building.

  • All non-domestic boilers need to meet minimum full and part load equivalent efficiency requirements, whether fitted to new or existing properties.

In terms of air conditioning and mechanical ventilation, new performance standards apply to office environments and buildings where more than 200m2 floor area is served. Locating air-handling units in accordance with CIBSE/ASHRAE recommendations adds to the design challenge.

For clients dedicated to best practice, the new regulations require the provision of a Building Log Book enabling commissioning and servicing records for the heating plant to be maintained for continuing operational efficiency.

All of these changes have far reaching implications for building owners and managers. Integrated MEP recognises the challenge and harnesses its energy to meet the exacting requirements of all parties.

Capabilities range from system design and commissioning to site assembly and fault diagnosis. The division supplies high efficiency boilers, control systems and air handling units, which provide intelligent solutions to the management of energy efficiency and the achievement of reduced plant operations costs.

Working independently or in conjunction with sister divisions within the group, Integrated MEP is all you need to know.

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