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Integrated MEP specialises in the planning, design and specification of air conditioning plant and equipment with the aim of delivering significant cost savings to the client in line with ‘rethinking construction’ recommendations.



The services offered encompass design, commissioning, installation and on-going maintenance. The division operates in two parts, each of which is devoted to a particular type of air conditioning;

SMALL WORKS deals with the installation and servicing of split-air conditioning units, which are primarily refrigerant-based.

MAJOR WORKS deals with the installation of chilled water-based systems.

The scope of work ranges from the installation of split units to complete four-port, three-speed fan coil units including distribution, pipe work, pumps, chillers and control systems. Whilst Integrated MEP works across business and industry, it is particularly experienced in the hotel and leisure sector. Completed projects range from the installation of both new and retrofit air conditioning systems. Typically, these will have been conventional four-pipe fan coil units heating two-pipe systems and water sourced heat pumps. Completed projects include the Marriott Hotels in Peterborough and Waltham Abbey, and the Renaissance Hotel in Manchester.

As a Whitbread partner of choice, Integrated MEP has been the driving force in two major initiatives. The first (Project Igloo) focused on improving of cooling and finding innovative ways to fast track installation, reduce costs and minimise disruption.

The second (Project Firefly) focused on the achievement of similar objectives in terms of fire protection. This partnership has resulted in the development and refinement of the installation of cooling systems in hotels. For example, the traditional approach of installing complete steel systems in valuable corridor space, together with manual valves in every room, made the balancing of water flows difficult and caused disruption to guests. The preferred Integrated MEP approach is to use high-quality plastic and multi-layer pipe to control the flow of water around the building (the use of automatic balancing valves removes the need for water balancing).

Where appropriate, Integrated MEP prefers to install manifolds to feed a number of rooms - the manifold is placed in the roof space, allowing all balancing and isolation activities to be accessed without invading the guest’s privacy.

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