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Dedicated to the distribution and installation of complementary fire protection systems, in particular the patented COOLFIRE combined cooling and sprinkler system developed by Ultimate Comfort Systems in the U.S.A.



Integrated MEP holds the Global patent rights for this innovative HVAC system. Originally designed for the hotel environment, the system is proven to reduce air conditioning and sprinkler installation costs by up to 20%.

COOLFIRE features innovative maintenance-free evaporative cooler systems for high quality compressor-free heating and air conditioning for both new build (hotels, managed care facilities, office buildings, and apartment developments) and for retrofitting existing commercial and industrial buildings. The basic principle of the system is to use existing domestic hot water and fire sprinkler water line pipes as the delivery system to provide hot and chilled water to individual room fan coil units. Integrated MEP delivers a number of benefits for both owners and guests. As temperature and humidity settings are controlled by room thermostats (and because the system uses the property’s existing infrastructure) each area is provided with heating and air conditioning delivered quietly without noisy in-room air handling units.

The system is cost effective to install and lowers operating and maintenance costs. It is anticipated that revenue can be increased for the property with repeat business and higher room rates. It is estimated that the project payback on an incremental installation cost of the system from the energy savings typically would be less than three years.

The technology has received distinguished recognition in the energy field including a first place Commercial Buildings Award from the American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), and the Department of Energy’s “Tomorrow’s Energy Today” Award.


The technology was also recognised in the “Hospitality Facilities” category of the 2001 Energy User News Building Awards. The project being honoured saved over 54% in electrical consumption and 39% in natural gas consumption in its first year of operation. This was in comparison with the energy consumption of another building of the same size using through-the-wall position terminal air conditioners.

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